The first financial consumer dispute mediation room in our province is listed

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Recently, a financial consumer dispute mediation room jointly established by the Provincial Justice Department, the Shijiazhuang Judicial Bureau, and the People's Bank of China Shijiazhuang Central Branch was established at the Shijiazhuang City's Industrial Professional Dispute Diversity Resolution Center. The mediation room became the first financial consumer dispute mediation room in our province, which is of great significance for preventing and resolving financial risks and protecting the legal rights and interests of financial consumers in accordance with the law.

The Financial Consumption Dispute Mediation Room adheres to the principles of fairness, voluntary mediation, honesty and trustworthiness, and efficient convenience for the people to conduct mediation work. It mainly accepts account disputes, credit card disputes, financial service disputes, and loan disputes. Handle all kinds of financial consumption disputes through application by parties, transfer of financial institutions, commissioning of party committees and governments, and entrustment of courts and related agencies.

The Financial Consumption Dispute Mediation Office and related financial institutions jointly hire a lawyer with special expertise, financial experts, and experienced personnel to deal with financial consumption disputes to form an expert bank to serve as mediators and strictly mediate in accordance with the law. For difficult financial consumption disputes, experts are organized to conduct "consultation" research.

The mediation room adheres to the "one-stop" processing model of mediation, notarization, arbitration, and litigation, relying on the resources of lawyers, arbitration, notarization, and circuit courts of the Shijiazhuang Industrial Professional Dispute Diversity Settlement Center to promote the efficient resolution of conflicts and disputes.

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