The province has deepened special safety rectification in ten key industry areas

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On December 5th, the Provincial Security Committee issued the "Implementation Plan for Further Deepening the Centralization of Work Safety in the Province", which requires that from now until December 31, 2020, the province will further deepen 10 by focusing on the safety of hazardous chemicals. Special rectification of safety in key industries.

The operation aimed at comprehensively addressing issues such as low political standing, weak red line awareness, lack of security responsibilities, weak risk management and hidden trouble investigation, and loose supervision and enforcement. Focusing on the rectification of the hazardous chemicals industry, we will focus on rectification of problems such as out-of-source management, vacant regulatory responsibilities, low levels of intrinsic safety, failure to implement the safety management system, and slow progress in tackling the chemical industry. At the same time, we will further deepen the three-year special safety rectification in nine industries including coal mines, non-coal mines, transportation, building construction, metallurgy, fire protection, gas, tourism, and limited space operations. In addition, fireworks, special equipment, civilian explosives, water conservancy, agricultural machinery, fishery ships, railways, civil aviation, electric power, oil and gas pipelines and other industries have combined their respective realities to further deepen the centralized control of safety production.
The plan requires that all departments at all levels strictly implement the responsibility system for leadership, the establishment and improvement of the ledger list, comprehensively launch self-inspection and self-correction of enterprises, strict supervision of production safety law enforcement, strict accountability for production safety, and increase accident warning education. The safety committees at all levels shall list the work of centralized production safety rectification as an important content of safety production target assessment, inspection, and inspection. Party and government agencies and responsible persons who are ineffective in the work of centralized production safety rectification and fail to perform their duties seriously shall be ordered to make written inspections. , Conduct interviews, report criticisms, and cancel the qualifications for prioritizing evaluation and evaluation; if the circumstances are serious, the responsible person shall be ordered to suspend inspection, blame and resign, be ordered to resign, or be removed according to procedures. Where major hidden dangers are found during supervision and inspection and are not dealt with in a timely manner in accordance with law, the responsible person shall be demoted or dismissed in accordance with relevant regulations. Those who fail to fulfill their responsibilities, have insufficient supervision, or fail to perform their duties, should be found undiscovered, should be investigated and dealt with, and should be rectified and unrectified, which should lead to accidents. For those who report late, missed or even misreported the accident, find out and investigate together. , Serious accountability. In the event of major accidents of responsibility during the period of centralized production safety regulation, the responsible persons of the corresponding municipal party committees, governments, and relevant provincial departments shall be held accountable; in the case of major liability accidents, the corresponding county (city, district) party committees, governments, and municipalities shall be held accountable. Responsible persons shall be held accountable.

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