Rule of law
· 我省通报住建领域14起典型违法案件 2020/01/02 Our province notified 14 typical illegal cases in the field of residential construction
· 沧州破获电信网络诈骗案144起 2020/01/02 Cangzhou cracked 144 cases of telecommunications network fraud
· 合体! 2019/12/27 fit! "Full Version" Chinese Civil Code Draft Appears for the First Time
· 我国中基层法院全面实现跨域立案服务 2019/12 / 27Cross -domain case filing services are fully implemented in China's middle and lower-level courts
· 全省司法行政系统宣传工作培训班在石举办 2019/12 / 19Provincial Judicial Administration System Propaganda Training Course Held in Shi
· 我省首家金融消费纠纷调解室挂牌 2019/12 / 19The first financial consumer dispute mediation room in our province is listed
· 全省深化十个重点行业领域安全专项整治 2019/12 / 10The province deepened the special rectification of safety in ten key industry areas
· 承德市司法局抽调民刑法援案卷进行评估 2019/12 / 10Chengde Judicial Bureau drafts civil criminal legal aid files for evaluation
· 省交管局致信全省客货车驾驶人亲属 2019/11 / 28Provincial Traffic Management Bureau sends a letter to the relatives of truck drivers in the province
· 承德市召开扫黑除恶专项斗争调度会 2019/11 / 28Chengde City held a special fight dispatch meeting
· 省法院严格规范首次执行案件期限管理 Provincial courts strictly regulate the management of the deadline for the first execution of cases
· 石家庄交警开启交通安全宣传“进山下乡”模式 2019/11 / 20Shijiazhuang traffic police starts traffic safety publicity "into the mountains and to the countryside" mode
· 省委政法委两部作品喜获亚洲微电影艺术节大奖 2019/11/13 Two works of the Provincial Party Committee's Political and Legal Committee won the Asian Micro Film Festival Award
· 石家庄法院家事审判改革稳步推进 2019/11 / 13Family trial reform in Shijiazhuang court steadily advances
· 今年以来我省生态环境执法工作成效显著 2019/11 / 03Eco- environmental law enforcement in our province has achieved remarkable results since this year
· 全省最大城市消防主题公园在邯郸建成 2019/11 / 03The largest city fire theme park in the province is completed in Handan
· 石家庄中院启动审执辅助事务社会化改革 2019/11 / 03Shijiazhuang Intermediate People's Court initiates the socialization of trial and auxiliary affairs
· 怀来法院依托“一乡一庭”加强农村法治宣传 2019/11 / 03Huailai court relies on "one village and one court" to strengthen publicity in the rule of law in rural areas
· 唐山路南法院首次召开破产清算案网络债权人会议 2019/11 / 03Tangshan Lunan Court holds the first online creditors meeting for bankruptcy liquidation
· 河北省开展整治食药安全问题联合行动 2019/10 / 18Hebei Province launches joint action on food and drug safety

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