"Learning Power" Skills Channel Launched

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"Learning Power" Skills Channel Launched

Beijing News (Reporter Ren Shexuan) On December 25, 2019, the "Learning Power" skill channel (APP side) was officially launched!

The “Learning and Powerful Country” learning platform is hosted by the head of the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee. It is a powerful hand to implement the spirit of General Secretary Jinping ’s important instructions on strengthening learning, building a great learning country, and promoting the party ’s great learning. Innovative exploration of education.

The "Learning Power" skills channel is for all people, focusing on the majority of enterprise employees and transferees, colleges, vocational colleges, and technical college students, governments, enterprises, and college staff engaged in vocational skills training and learning A broad group interested in mastering skills. It mainly reflects the contents of vocational skills promotion actions, technical education development and reform, vocational skills evaluation, vocational classification and standards, vocational skills competitions, advanced deeds of skilled talents, and recognition and encouragement.

The “Learning Powerful Country” skill channel is managed and operated by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs. Currently there are 6 sub-columns: “Dynamics and Policies”, “Skill Enhancement”, “Competitive Competition”, “Great Country Craftsman”, “Technical Cradle” and “Skill Class”.

Among them, "Dynamics and Policies" takes the Party and the state's relevant professional skills requirements and the latest instructions, the release of relevant major events and policy documents, relevant current affairs news, and dynamic information on the relevant work carried out by enterprises in various industries in various regions as the main content; Focusing on the implementation of vocational skills improvement activities, comprehensive reports are made on the experiences and practices of targeted vocational skills training in provinces, cities, and enterprises; "competition competitions" mainly report on the world skills competitions and various domestic and industry skill competitions. Comprehensively showcase the style of skilled talents in various industries in China; "Great Country Craftsmen" mainly show the story of outstanding technical talents such as the winners of the China Skills Awards and national technical experts, masters of technology, great country craftsmen, and skills to overcome poverty poverty, and the skills of great country craftsmen Demonstration of unique skills; "Crazy of Technicians" mainly reports on the reform and development, employment status, school characteristics, curriculum reform, teaching staff, school-enterprise cooperation, and training of skilled talents in technical colleges and universities. "Skill Class" uses videos to show various vocational skills training courses, video lectures by skill masters, and skills demonstrations.

After the "Learning Power" and "Skills Channel" are launched, they will continue to enrich their content and plan and launch a series of colorful online and offline theme publicity activities to attract more people, especially young people, to embark on the road to becoming successful.

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