Persist in problem orientation to be effective

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Chu Bo

The real problem orientation must be consistent with the effect orientation and must be reflected in the actual effect

It is an important working method that we need to adhere to when we have any problems and what problems are prominent and what problems are focused on. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that we must adhere to a problem-oriented approach. It can be said that all the achievements and progress of our career development are achieved through cracking the problem.

In reality, there are also a small number of distortions of the "good scriptures" when insisting on problem orientation. Some only see the appearance of the problem, do not dig deep into the root of the problem, and rush out of the "remedies" of the symptoms; others just talk about the matter, only see the problem itself, lack of system awareness, overall concept, headaches, head and foot It hurts; others only see the current problem, and the solution cannot take into account the long-term. The new situation that may occur is underestimated, and the problem is led by the nose.

In all these cases, the crux of talking about the problem and not the result is that the idea of "just do it, not do it well" is at work, often resulting in "the old disadvantages are not removed, and the new ones are born again." Persistent problem-oriented. The real problem orientation must be consistent with the effect orientation and must be reflected in the actual effect.

Adhering to the problem-oriented approach is effective and requires real responsibility. Finding the problem is ultimately to solve it. Have the courage to face the problem, but also the wisdom to analyze the problem, but also the act of solving the problem. Socialism is working out, so is the new era. At present, the reform has entered a period of tackling difficulties and deep-water areas. We need to have the courage to take action, and dare to touch on the deep-level interests and contradictions. If you do n’t do it, you do n’t have any responsibility at all; if you do n’t do well, you ca n’t call it real responsibility.

Adhering to the problem-oriented approach is effective, and we must seek truth from facts and adapt to local conditions. "Those who know the house leak are under the sky, and those who know the government are in the grass field." The decision is good, the masses have the final say; the policy is not true, and the people have the final say. As long as you ensure that the line, guidelines, and policies are not biased, you can use whatever method works well. According to General Secretary Xi Jinping's report in the Party's 19th National Congress, he is "good at combining practicality with creativity to promote work."

Adhering to the problem-oriented approach is effective, and it is also conducive to boosting the spirit of cadres. In actual work, only by adhering to the problem-oriented, effectively solving the problem, and achieving practical results, can people have a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, and value, and further stimulate their enthusiasm and creativity.

Looking at the problem, following the problem, and solving the problem as a breakthrough, we can stimulate development momentum, make new breakthroughs in our career, and make new achievements in reform.

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