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· 挤掉党建述职“水分” 2020/01/03 Squeeze the "moisture" of party building
· 中宣部、人社部联合发布二一九年“最美基层高校毕业生”先进事迹 2019/12 / 31The Central Propaganda Department and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security jointly released the advanced deeds of the "most beautiful grass-roots college graduates" in 2019
· 答好终身课题 Answer your lifelong questions
· 坚持问题导向要见实效 2019/12/30 Adhere to the problem-oriented to be effective
· 中共中央组织部下发通知要求在元旦春节期间开展走访慰问生活困难党员、老党员、老干部活动 2019/12/30 The CPC Central Organization Department issued a notice requesting that during the New Year's Day Spring Festival visits and condolences to party members, veteran party members and veteran cadres with difficulties
· “学习强国”技能频道上线 2019/12/30 "Learning Power" Skills Channel Launched
· 推进事业单位工作人员培训制度化 2019/12/30 Promote institutionalization of staff training in public institutions
· 全面加强事业单位工作人员培训工作建设高素质专业化事业单位工作人员队伍 2019/12/30 Comprehensively strengthen the training of public institution staff and build a high-quality professional staff team
· 事业单位工作人员培训规定 2019/12/30 Provisions for staff training in public institutions
· 中组部人社部印发《事业单位工作人员培训规定》 2019/12/30 The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs of the Central Organization Department issues and publishes the Regulations for Staff Training in Institutions
· 推动制度落地见效 2019/12 / 24Promote the implementation of the system to take effect
· 汲取“最美夕阳红”的力量 2019/12/24 Learn the power of "the most beautiful sunset red"
· 中央“不忘初心、牢记使命”主题教育领导小组发出通知要求认真做好主题教育总结工作 2019/12/24 The Central Education Leading Group of "Don't Forget Your Original Mind and Remember Your Mission" Issued a Notice Requesting the Thematic Education Summary Work
· 始于初心成于坚守 2019/12 / 19Beginning from the beginning of heart
· 一切听从党安排 All obey party arrangements
· 坚持问题导向要见实效 2019/12/19 Adhere to the problem-oriented to be effective
· 多做后人点赞的潜功 The potential of doing more likes for future generations
· 精准发力提高培训质量效益 2019/12 / 16Precise efforts to improve training quality and efficiency
· 破除“捂盖子”心理 2019/12 / 12Remove the "cover the lid " psychology
· 锻造坚强“头雁方阵” 2019/12/12 Forging a strong "head goose square"

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