The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issues the Regulations on Rural Work of the Communist Party of China

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Recently, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China has issued the Regulations on the Rural Work of the Communist Party of China and issued notices requiring all regions and departments to carefully implement them.

The full text of the Regulations of the Communist Party of China on Rural Work is as follows.

Chapter I General Provisions

Article 1 In order to uphold and strengthen the party's overall leadership over rural work, implement the party's basic theory, basic line, and basic strategy, implement in-depth rural revitalization strategies, and improve the party's ability and level to lead rural work in the new era. Articles of Association, enacting these regulations.

Article 2 The Party's rural work must hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics and adhere to the guidance of Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thinking of the "Three Represents," the scientific development concept, and Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. To enhance political awareness, overall situation awareness, core awareness, alignment awareness, firm road self-confidence, theoretical self-confidence, system self-confidence, cultural self-confidence, resolutely maintain the core of General Secretary Xi Jinping's Party Central Committee, the core position of the entire Party, and firmly maintain the authority and concentration of the Party Central Committee. Unified leadership, tightly focusing on the overall layout of the “Five in One” and the coordinated implementation of the “Four Comprehensives” strategic layout, adhere to the general tone of steady progress, implement new development concepts, implement high-quality development requirements, and implement rural revitalization The strategy is to take the lead, improve the Party's rural work organization system, institutional system, and working mechanism, accelerate the modernization of rural governance systems and capabilities, accelerate the modernization of agriculture and rural areas, and let the farmers live a better life.

Article 3 The issue of agriculture and rural farmers (hereinafter referred to as the "agriculture, rural areas and farmers") is a fundamental issue concerning the national economy and people's livelihood. Insist that the issue of "three rural issues" is the top priority of the work of the whole party, the problem of eating is the top priority of governing the country, adhere to the priority development of agriculture and rural areas, persist in giving more and less, and promote the integration of urban and rural development. Concentrate on doing a good job in poverty alleviation, preventing and reducing poverty, and follow the path of common prosperity.

Article 4 The Party's rural work must follow the following principles:

(1) Adhere to the party's overall leadership over rural work, ensure that the party has an overall view of the country's work in rural areas, coordinate all parties, and ensure that rural reform and development advance in the right direction;

(2) Adhere to the people as the center, respect the peasant's subjective status and pioneering spirit, effectively protect the peasants 'material interests and democratic rights, and use peasants' support or non-support as the basis for formulating the party's rural policies;

(3) Persist in consolidating and improving the basic rural management system and consolidate the cornerstones of the party's rural policies;

(4) Adhere to the road of revitalizing socialist villages with Chinese characteristics, and promote the revitalization of rural industries, talents, culture, ecology, and organizations;

(5) Persist in education and guide the peasants to listen to the party, feel the party's gratitude, and follow the party, unite the peasant masses around the party, and build a solid foundation for the party's governance in the countryside;

(6) Adhere to everything based on reality, classify and guide step by step, do not engage in forced orders, do not wind, and do not cut across the board.

Chapter II Organizational Leadership

Article 5: Implement a rural work leadership system that is centrally coordinated by the central government, responsible for all provinces, and implemented by cities, counties, and towns.

Article 6 The CPC Central Committee comprehensively leads rural work, formulates major policies for rural work, formulates major strategies for rural development, and deploys major reforms in rural areas. The Party Central Committee regularly studies rural work, holds rural work meetings every year, studies and deploys rural work according to the situation and tasks, and formulates and issues documents to guide rural work.

Article 7 The Party Central Committee establishes a Central Rural Work Leading Group to carry out work under the leadership of the Central Political Bureau and its Standing Committee. It is responsible to the Party Central Committee and reports to the Party Central Committee and General Secretary for instructions.

The Central Leading Group for Rural Work exerts the role of rural work in leading the overall work, coordinating and coordinating, regularly analyzing the rural economic and social situation, researching and coordinating major issues concerning agriculture, rural areas, and farmers, and urging the implementation of the Party Central Committee's important decisions on rural work.

Each member unit of the Central Rural Work Leading Group should strengthen its leadership in the rural work of its own unit and system, implement duties and tasks, strengthen departmental coordination, and form a joint force for rural work.

An office is set up under the Central Rural Work Leading Group to undertake the daily affairs of the Central Rural Work Leading Group.

Article 8 The party committee of a province (autonomous region, municipality directly under the Central Government) shall regularly study rural work in its region, regularly listen to reports on rural work, decide on major issues in rural work, convene rural work meetings, formulate policies and measures for rural work, and focus on the division of major tasks and major projects. Implementation, allocation of important resources, etc.

Article 9 Municipal (prefecture, prefecture, and league) party committees should put rural work on an important agenda, do a good job of linking up and down, coordinating within the region, and supervising inspections, and give play to the role of cities and counties.

Article 10 The county (city, district, and banner) party committees are at the forefront of the party's rural work. They should, in light of local conditions, formulate specific and effective work measures, establish and improve a clear responsibility system, and implement the Party Central Committee and higher-level party committees on rural areas. Job requirements and decision deployment. The county party committee secretary should focus on rural work, conduct in-depth investigations at the grassroots level, strengthen overall planning, and pay close attention to the implementation of work.

Article 11 Local party committees at or above the county level shall set up rural work leadership groups. Provincial and municipal level rural work leadership groups are generally headed by the deputy secretary of the party committee at the same level. County level rural work leadership groups are headed by the county party secretary. It is composed of relevant responsible persons of the party committee and government, as well as the main responsible persons of relevant departments.

Article 12 Strengthen the construction of rural work departments of party committees at all levels, and do a good job in setting up institutions and staffing. The rural work departments of party committees at all levels perform such functions as decision-making staff, overall coordination, policy guidance, promotion of implementation, supervision and inspection.

Article 13 Party committees at all levels shall improve the leadership decision-making mechanism for rural work, pay attention to the role of deputies to the National People's Congress and members of the CPPCC, pay attention to the role of think tanks and professional research institutions, and improve the scientific level of decision-making.

Chapter III Main Tasks

Article 14 Strengthen the party's leadership over rural economic construction. Consolidate and strengthen the status of agriculture as the foundation, implement the strategy of hiding grain on the ground and keeping grain on technology, strictly observe the red line of cultivated land, and ensure the basic self-sufficiency of grain and absolute security of rations. We will deepen agricultural supply-side structural reforms, build a modern agricultural industrial system, production system, and management system, promote the integration and development of rural primary, secondary, and tertiary industries, develop and expand rural collective economies, and promote farmers' continuous increase in income and prosperity. We will resolutely win the fight against poverty, and consolidate and expand the results of the fight against poverty.

Article 15 Strengthen the party's leadership over the construction of rural socialist democracy. Improve the grassroots democratic system, deepen the practice of villager autonomy, improve the vibrant villager autonomy mechanism under the leadership of the village party organization, enrich the form of democratic consultation at the grassroots level, and ensure that farmers implement democratic elections, democratic consultations, democratic decision-making, democratic management, and democratic supervision in accordance with the law. Strictly crack down on the evil forces and clans in the rural areas, severely crack down on various types of illegal crimes, severely crack down on violent and terrorist activities, protect the safety of people's lives and property, and promote fairness and justice in rural society. Resolutely ban all kinds of illegal religious propagation activities and consolidate rural grassroots political power.

Article 16 Strengthen the party's leadership over the construction of rural socialist spiritual civilization. Cultivate and implement the core values of socialism, carry out in-depth ideological propaganda and education of socialism with Chinese characteristics and Xi Jinping's socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era among peasants and masses, and build a well-used civilization and practice center in the new era. Strengthen rural ideological and moral construction, inherit and develop outstanding traditional culture in rural areas, and promote the transfer of customs and customs. Strengthen rural ideological and political work, and launch extensive education on democracy and the rule of law. We will carry out in-depth activities to create mass spiritual civilization in rural areas, enrich the spiritual and cultural life of farmers, and improve the scientific and cultural quality of farmers and the degree of rural social civilization.

Article 17 Strengthen the party's leadership over rural social construction. Insist on ensuring and improving rural people's livelihood, vigorously develop rural social undertakings such as education, medical care, retirement, culture and sports, social security, accelerate the improvement of rural public infrastructure and basic public service conditions, and improve the quality of life of farmers. Establish and improve a modern rural social governance system under the leadership of the party committee, government responsibility, social coordination, public participation, legal protection, and scientific and technological support, and improve the rural governance system combining autonomy, rule of law, and rule of virtue under the leadership of the party organization, and build a vibrant and harmonious society Ordered rural society.

Article 18 Strengthen the party's leadership over the construction of rural ecological civilization. Firmly establish and practice the development concept of green mountains and green mountains is the development of Jinshan and Yinshan. Coordinate the management of the forests, lakes, and grass systems of the mountains and rivers, promote the green development of agriculture, strengthen rural ecological environmental protection, improve rural human settlements, and build ecologically livable beautiful villages.

Article 19 Strengthen the construction of rural parties. Focusing on improving organizational power, highlighting political functions, building rural grass-roots party organizations into a strong battle fortress that promotes the party's ideas, implements party decisions, leads grass-roots governance, unites and mobilizes the masses, and promotes reform and development. Adhering to the leadership of rural grassroots party organizations, the township party committees and village party organizations have comprehensive leadership of various township and village organizations and various tasks. The secretary of the village party organization shall serve as the director of the villager committee and the head of the collective economic organization and cooperative economic organization at the village level through legal procedures, and promote the cross-posting of members of the village "two committees". Strengthen the leadership of the village party organizations over the Communist Youth League, Women's Federation and other groups and organizations, and play their active role. Improve the deliberative decision-making mechanism and supervision mechanism under the leadership of the village party organization, establish and improve the village affairs supervision committee, and implement "four deliberations and two openness" in decision-making on major issues at the village level. Party committees at all levels, especially county-level party committees, should conscientiously perform the main responsibilities of party building at the grass-roots level in the rural areas. The input-based stable village-level organization operates the fund guarantee system, and continues to strengthen the basic team, basic activities, basic positions, basic systems, and basic guarantee construction.

Party committees at all levels should promote the strict extension of the party to the grassroots, deepen the construction of party style and clean government in rural areas, strengthen rural discipline inspection and supervision, take the implementation of rural policies as an important part of inspections, establish and improve the supervision system for the operation of rural power, and continuously combat violations Unhealthy practices of peasants' interests and corruption around the masses.

Chapter IV Team Building

Article 20 Party committees at all levels should take understanding of agriculture, love the countryside, and farmers as the basic requirements to strengthen the construction of rural work teams.

The main responsible persons of party committees and governments at all levels should understand "three rural issues", and will be responsible for "three rural issues", and the person in charge in charge should be an expert in "three rural issues". Strengthen the training, deployment, management, and use of rural working cadres, improve the training system, select outstanding cadres to serve in counties and townships, and serve as the first secretary of the village. Work and exercise in rural areas and officers and entrepreneurs are important ways to train cadres. Focus on the promotion and use of rural working cadres with outstanding performance.

Rural working cadres should strengthen their ability to do mass work, improve their work style, go deep into the grassroots, listen carefully to the voices of the peasant masses, continuously increase their feelings with the peasant masses, and resolutely oppose the "four winds", especially formalism and bureaucracy.

Article 21 Party committees at all levels should strengthen the construction of rural talent teams. Establish a system for the integrated use of county-level professional talents and a system of directed training of rural talents. Vigorously improve the quality of rural teachers and doctors. Strengthen the construction of agricultural science and technology personnel and technical extension teams. Cultivate a team of high-quality farmers with culture, know-how, good management, and management, and create more local talents.

Article 22 Party committees at all levels should give full play to the advantages and strengths of trade unions, Communist Youth Leagues, Women's Federations, Science and Technology Associations, Disabled Persons' Federations, Family Planning Associations and other group organizations, and play an active role in supporting democratic parties, industrial and commercial federations, and non-partisan persons. The development of rural social work and voluntary services encourages all sectors of society to join the rural revitalization.

Chapter V Safeguard Measures

Article 23 Party committees at all levels should pay attention to the role of reform in promoting the development of agriculture and rural areas. Promote the deepening of rural reforms with the main line of properly handling the relationship between farmers and land, adhere to the collective ownership of rural land farmers, adhere to the basic status of family operations, adhere to the stability and long-term relationship of land contractual relations, and improve the rural economy that meets the requirements of a socialist market economy. The system takes the fundamental interests of farmers as a starting point and foothold to achieve, maintain, and develop well, advances with the times, promotes theoretical innovation, practical innovation, and institutional innovation of the "three rural" issues, mobilizing the enthusiasm, initiative, Be creative and continuously liberate and develop rural social productivity.

Article 24 Party committees at all levels should pay attention to giving play to the supporting role of investment in agricultural and rural development. Promote the establishment of a stable growth mechanism for the "three rural" financial investment, increase the policy of strengthening agriculture, benefiting farmers, and enriching farmers, improve the agricultural support and protection system, improve the rural financial service system combining commercial finance, cooperative finance, and policy finance, and expand funds Raise channels to ensure that the "three rural" investment continues to increase and the total volume continues to increase.

Article 25 Party committees at all levels should pay attention to the leading role of science and technology education in the development of agriculture and rural areas. Implement the strategy of promoting agriculture through science and education, improve the national agricultural science and technology innovation system, modern agricultural education system, and agricultural technology extension service system, and turn agricultural and rural development onto the track of innovation-driven development.

Article 26 Party committees at all levels should pay attention to the role of rural planning in guiding agricultural and rural development. Persist in planning first, highlight the characteristics of the countryside, maintain the rural style, strengthen the overall planning management and system connection, promote the formation of a planning system that integrates urban and rural areas, regional integration, and multiple regulations, and promote the scientific and orderly development of rural construction.

Article 27 Party committees at all levels should pay attention to the role of the rule of law in safeguarding agricultural and rural development. Adhere to the rule of law thinking, strengthen the concept of the rule of law, improve the agricultural and rural legal system, strengthen comprehensive agricultural law enforcement, protect the legitimate rights and interests of farmers, consciously use the rule of law to deepen rural reform, promote rural development, maintain rural stability, and improve the level of rule of law in rural work led by the party.

Chapter VI Assessment and Supervision

Article 28: The five-level secretary shall improve the assessment mechanism for the promotion of rural areas. The principals of local party committees and governments at all levels, and the secretaries of rural grass-roots party organizations are the first responsible persons for rural revitalization work in the region. Higher-level party committees and governments should conduct supervision and assessment on the performance of primary party leaders of lower-level party committees and governments, and party secretaries of rural grass-roots party organizations, and use the results of evaluations as cadre selection, appointment, awards, and accountability. Important reference.

Article 29 The party committees and governments of the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) report the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy to the Party Central Committee and the State Council every year, and the party committees and governments at all levels below the provincial level report the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy to the party committees and governments at higher levels.

Article 30 The implementation of the city and county party and government leadership team and leading cadres to promote the rural revitalization strategy performance evaluation system, and to focus on rural work, especially to promote the rural revival strategy performance, the poverty-stricken county's precise poverty alleviation results are important contents of political performance evaluation, and the higher level party committee Make overall arrangements for implementation, and the results of the assessment serve as an important basis for the comprehensive assessment of the party and government leaders and relevant leaders in cities and counties.

Article 31 Local and party leaders and principals at all levels who fail to perform or incorrectly perform their duties in rural work shall be held accountable in accordance with relevant party regulations and laws and regulations; The party committee at a higher level should interview the party committee at a lower level, and the party committee at the same level should interview relevant departments at the same level.

Article 32 The agricultural-related departments of the central and local party and government organs shall conscientiously perform their duties of implementing and implementing the various decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee on rural work, serving the peasants and the masses at the grassroots level, and shall not transfer departmental responsibilities to rural grass-roots organizations. Those who fail to perform or perform their duties incorrectly shall be held accountable in accordance with relevant party regulations and laws and regulations.

Article 33 Party committees at all levels shall establish incentive mechanisms to encourage cadres to take the initiative, be bold in reform and innovation, and be willing to dedicate themselves to the people, in accordance with regulations to recognize and reward collectives and individuals who have made outstanding contributions in rural work.

Chapter VII Supplementary Provisions

Article 34 The party committees of provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) may formulate implementation measures in accordance with these regulations and in the light of local conditions.

Article 35 The interpretation of these regulations rests with the Office of the Central Leading Group for Rural Work.

Article 36 These Regulations shall become effective on August 19, 2019.

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