Yongqing County Plays Green Everlasting Movement

Release time: 2020-01-13 14:43:16 source: Hebei Communist Party News Hotline: 18731623137
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Hebei Communist Party Network News (correspondent Zhang Yuyu Pang Jinxing reporter Wu Changjun) On January 3, the Yongqing County Party Committee of Langfang City held the first plenary session of the Twelfth Plenary Session. On the basis of conscientiously summarizing the main work of the county in the past year, the meeting conducted scientific analysis, careful planning, and careful deployment of this year's key work in Yongqing, and proposed the in-depth implementation of ecological county, strong industrial county, talented county, reform activities The county's four major development strategies have played a new movement in developing the airport economy and building a green and everlasting Qing.

Stand tall to see far. The Yongqing County Party Committee will deeply understand and appreciate the deployment requirements of the Central, Provincial, and Municipal Committees. In the face of the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, the development of Beijing Daxing International Airport's airspace economic zone and the construction of Xiong'an New District will start. A series of major benefits such as Jingde and other high-speed rails, high-speed network deployment, Yongqing, etc., actively implement the new development concepts of innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing, focusing on the completion of a well-off society in an all-round way, and the completion of the "13th Five-Year Plan" Plan and successfully complete poverty alleviation, and make every effort to complete eight key tasks of coordinated development, project construction, private economy, urban construction, rural rejuvenation, ecological construction, livelihood issues and social governance.

Promote collaborative development. Resolutely do a good job in the relocation of the airspace economic zone of Beijing Daxing International Airport, plan the airspace expansion zone at the same time, and leave enough space for the economic development of Yongqing; grasp the project construction. Establish the concept of “busy and busy, no project is just busy”, focus on “green, accurate, and efficient” investment and capital selection, highlight investment promotion, and strengthen the park platform. Secretary of the county party committee, county mayor, executive deputy mayor, province Grade-level parks are mainly responsible for the introduction of at least two major projects by comrades each year, and each township and town must implement one major project each year; and expand the private economy. Formulate assistance measures, optimize the business environment, and expand market players, ensure that 8 new industrial enterprises, 10 high-tech enterprises, and 100 technology-based SMEs will be added during the year; build a beautiful county. Taking the planning to start the construction of Yongxin District as a starting point, do a good job of urban construction space planning, vigorously promote the infrastructure construction of road networks, surrounding urban water systems, city parks, sports venues, public transportation, and convenience markets, and create a charming new county; Beautiful village. Taking the construction of a national-level modern agricultural demonstration zone as the guide, optimizing the industrial layout, vigorously developing green agriculture and efficient agriculture, creating vegetable baskets and orchards in the Beijing-Tianjin Xiong urban agglomeration, and amplifying the green brand effect of Yongqing agricultural products. At the same time, in accordance with the "ecological +" development direction, focus on creating Yunshang clothing town and nuclear carving cultural town, launch a number of beautiful villages with cultural and industrial characteristics; do a good job of ecological construction. Strictly implement the "Four Major Controls", continue to do a good job in soil and water pollution prevention and control, establish a long-term ecological and environmental protection supervision mechanism, and make Yongqing green permanent; improve the happiness index. Focus on "20 livelihood facts", do a good job in education for the people, raise the level of medical care in urban and rural areas, do a good job in ideological and cultural publicity, and do a good job in public services, so that the people of Yongqing live happier and more healthy lives; build a harmonious society. Carrying out large-scale visits by three-level secretaries, solidly doing safety work, strengthening comprehensive management of social order, preventing and resolving major risks, and resolutely maintaining the overall situation of harmony and stability in Yongqing.

The key to the success of the cause lies in strengthening the party's leadership, and the key lies in people. This year, Yongqing County will carry out a theme-building activity with the theme of “one talk about three to one” (focusing on loyalty, comparison, responsibility, style, performance, and role model) among the “first leaders” in the county. The majority of cadres carried out "four questions" and "five breaks and five stand-ups" discussions on emancipating the mind, truly opening the "general valve" for emancipating the mind, pressing the "shortcut keys" for comprehensively deepening reform, and running out of the acceleration of the rise of Yongqing. Strive to build the vitality of the new airport economic city, the green food capital, and the leisure and leisure park of the new Yongqing is in the works.

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