Mental health service platform officially launched in Langfang

Release time: 2020-01-13 14:43:16 source: Hebei Communist Party News Hotline: 18731623137
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Hebei Communist Party Network News (correspondent Yue Weining reporter Wu Changjun) On January 8th, Langfang City Health and Health Committee and Beijing Education Science and Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic framework agreement for the "Internet + Mental Health" precision care and mental health service platform project in Langfang. The mental health service project in Langfang was officially launched.

At the ceremony, the two partners introduced the basic situation of the project and discussed the next step. Li Gengshen, deputy director of the Langfang Municipal Health and Health Committee, and Wu Weixing, vice president of Beijing Sunshine E-Tech Big Data Technology Research Institute, signed a strategic framework agreement on the content, duration and method of the project, marking the mentality of Langfang City. The health service platform project was officially launched.

In recent years, in terms of mental health and mental health, as an important part of basic public health service projects, Langfang's “precision prevention” system strives to overcome the objective problem of “scarce of mental health specialist diagnosis and treatment institutions”, innovative measures, and proactive initiatives. The mental health prevention and control system has been continuously improved. The county has been used as a unit to eliminate the “blank” areas of mental health services. The core indicators for the management of severe mental disorders services have been increased from the original countdown to the provincial average and exceeded the national requirements to achieve history. Sexual breakthrough, the mental health problems of key populations have been concerned and promptly channeled, and the public's mental health awareness has been significantly improved.

It is understood that after the Langfang Mental Health Service Platform project is launched, pilot hospitals, pilot family doctor contract teams and village doctors will help Langfang city mental patients and patients with mental illness to use the management platform. After entering the platform, enjoy free registration to create files, Online and offline follow-up, appointment consultation, health education and other services. Through long-term management of patients, more patients with psychological and mental illness can be effectively treated, regain confidence and return to society.

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