Seaport District Transportation Bureau Held a Special Symposium

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Hebei Communist Party Member Network News (Reporter Ding Jingdong) The Haikou District Transportation Bureau strictly implements the law enforcement responsibility system of "who enforces law and popularizes law" of state organs, innovates concepts and methods of law popularization, and improves the practical effect of publicity and education on the rule of law in transportation.

Externally, adhere to the combination of daily popular law and centralized publicity. According to the characteristics of the industry, combined with special periods and nodes such as the Spring Festival Transport, Work Safety Month, National Constitution Day, etc., various focused and targeted publicity campaigns on the rule of law are carried out to meet the growing demand for the rule of law. Strengthen the publicity of relevant traffic laws, and protect the rights and interests of citizens more effectively.

Internally, strengthen law and regulations training for law enforcement personnel. Give full play to the basic role of typical cases in the promotion and education of the rule of law, establish and improve the guidance system for administrative law enforcement cases with case interpretation law, standardize administrative law enforcement behaviors, and improve the level of administrative law enforcement. On December 24, the Transportation Bureau of Haigang District organized more than a hundred law enforcement backbones of each station team to conduct a special seminar on "interpreting the law by case". Jiao Zhijun, director of the Law Office, summed up the experience of law enforcement, from the management of over-transportation to the importance of maintaining the right to produce roads, and from the entry of law enforcement documents to the attention to the filing and filing of the files, targeted answers to questions. It has created a good atmosphere for the whole system to consciously learn law and abide by the law and provide a solid legal guarantee for the long-term development of the transportation industry in the region.

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