All agricultural machinery purchase subsidies in Xinle City will be fully settled before the end of the year

Release time: 2019-12-24 16:42:03 source: Hebei Communist Party News Hotline: 13785116655
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Hebei Communist Party member news (reporter Liu Jianshu correspondent Zhao Fengjie) Xinle City's central government in 2019 issued 12.5 million yuan in subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery. A total of 394 machines (sets) were subsidized throughout the year, benefiting 312 farmers, and all of them were settled by the end of the year. Successfully complete the tasks of the year.

The first is the timely launch of policies. After the auxiliary management system for agricultural machinery purchase subsidies was activated in Hebei Province, Xinle City immediately held a meeting of relevant departments and established the city's agricultural machinery purchase subsidy work leading group. The team leader was the deputy mayor in charge of the municipal government, and the members were from the rural, financial, and supervision departments. According to the "Implementation Plan of Xinle City's Agricultural Machinery Purchase Subsidies 2018-2020," the relevant person-in-charge shall make a timely announcement on Xinle City TV Station, and an announcement on the public column of the Agricultural and Rural Bureau. Apply for subsidies in time.

The second is to fully implement open subsidies. Within the fund limit, it is controlled according to the principle of “first come first served, until the funds are used up”. If the subsidy is not enough in the current year, and the time required for processing is not enough, the subsidy will be given priority in the next year, and the annual subsidy policy and standards will be followed. carried out. In order to expand the social awareness of the policy, the “Clearing Paper for Agricultural Machinery Purchase Subsidies in Xinle City in 2019” was compiled, and more than 1,000 copies were printed and distributed to towns and villages with a strong willingness to purchase machinery. The agricultural machinery purchase subsidy started well.

The third is to standardize the procedures for business operations. Strictly implement procedures for independent machine selection and purchase, application for subsidy funds, verification of subsidy equipment, and payment of subsidy funds. All machine purchase applications are directly applied through the Hebei Province Agricultural Machinery Purchase Subsidy APP. On the basis of fully respecting the independent choice of the subsidy object, the subsidy equipment is verified one by one to achieve "seeing people, seeing machines, seeing votes" and "man-machine photo, signing Confirmation ", in accordance with the principle of" who checks, who signs, who is responsible ", and fully perform the supervision duties in accordance with relevant requirements.

Fourth, innovation and optimization of management services. Carry out the "one-stop" service for accepting applications and verifying and registering, as long as the robot has complete procedures and meets the policy requirements, the machine is verified on the spot, the man-machine photo, the entry system, and the signature confirmation are completed at one time, minimizing the number of robot runs The subsidy implements that implement license management shall be verified by the Municipal Agricultural Machinery Safety Supervision Station during the process of licensing. Strictly follow the requirements of superiors, thoroughly simplify unnecessary procedures, reduce unnecessary certifications, and reduce unnecessary "runs".

Fifth, comprehensive information disclosure. Promote the subsidy policy in a timely manner by printing and distributing promotional materials, internet, television, etc., and announce the city's 2019 agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy, including the scope of subsidies, subsidy procedures, registration methods, and registration time, on Xinle TV; set up county-level agricultural machinery in accordance with regulations Purchase the subsidy information public column and do a good job of maintenance, timely disclose the subsidy implementation plan, consultation complaints, subsidy objects, information on users who enjoyed the subsidy for agricultural machinery purchase in the previous year, etc .; set up a public column for agricultural machinery purchase subsidy in a prominent position in the Agricultural and Rural Bureau, and make it public in a timely manner Relevant paper information.

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