Zhang Yinghuai: "Sunshine Village Affairs" Leads the Construction of Beautiful Villages

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Hebei Communist Party Member Network (Reporter Wen Xueqian) "This is the last major project in our village that promised the party committee and the masses this year. After completing these roads, we can hand in the papers in advance." At the road repair site in the village, Zhang Yinghuai The joy is in words. "This is another major project for the construction of a beautiful village following the villagers' activity center, greening and street lights."

Zhang Yinghuai (second from left) at the road construction site

Zhang Yinghuai, born in October 1971, is currently the party branch secretary and director of the village committee of Bu Laoqiao Village, Xindian Town, Mengcun Hui Autonomous County. Since taking office in 2015, he has always demanded himself to give full play to the core role of leadership of village-level party organizations and the exemplary role of party members. In more than three years, he has turned a backward village with complicated issues into a "civilized village", "Cultural Creation Demonstration Village" has been awarded "Excellent Village Party Branch Secretary" for many times. In May 2019, he was also awarded the honorary title of "Thousand Good Branch Secretary" in Hebei Province.

Pu Laoqiao Villagers Activity Center Square

With such a big change, does Zhang Yinghuai have any cheats and magic weapons?

At the beginning of his tenure, Zhang Yinghuai did not set aside for the many remaining problems. Instead, he used the Chinese New Year's farm leisure time to visit the old cadres, party members, and petitioners one by one to understand the problems and discuss ways with the members of the two committees. In just half a year, the masses reported strong violations of land occupation, unclear accounts, and unfair poverty relief.

The scene of the theme education activity of Bu Lao Qiao Village

The problem was solved, the masses 'spirits were smoothed, and the cadres' energy was sufficient.

Solving the old problems is to clear the resistance for the development of the village in the future. How can new problems and resistance not appear in the future development? Through combing, Zhang Yinghuai found that the old problems were mostly concentrated on openness, fairness, and justice, and the new "Sunshine Village Affairs" mechanism implemented by the county party committee was the best way to prevent problems.

Democracy council scene

According to Zuo Songgang, the Organization Department of the Mengcun Hui Autonomous County, the "Sunshine Village Affairs" mechanism implements the organic integration of party leadership and democratic management of village affairs. Promote the participation of ordinary party members and masses before, during, and after the event, and further improve the standardization, institutionalization, and democratization of rural affairs management.

The "Sunshine Village Affairs" mechanism includes three items: First, establish a "three commitments and one commitment" scientific accountability mechanism to ensure a good plan every year. The village team plans an annual work plan, and makes a commitment to the party members and the masses of the township party committee and government through the "three-set" (village, people, and township) procedures, and signs the "Commitment of Responsibility" with the township party committee government. Village three-level filing has broken down the tedious and complicated grass-roots affairs into practical matters and projects. Secondly, establish a "three discussions and one supervision" standard operation mechanism to ensure a good charter for discussions. When handling village-level affairs, strictly follow the sunshine operation mode of "the party branch proposal, village 'two committees' discussion, village congress resolution, and village supervisory committee supervision". Party members and mass representatives participate in the deliberations and implementation of the entire process to achieve the village. The decision-making process at the level of affairs is "one discussion, one democracy, one matter, one supervision." The third is to establish a responsibility implementation mechanism of "three evaluations and one reward and punishment" to ensure that the evaluation has a good result. Through the mechanism of "self-assessment by the village team, mass assessment by party members, assessment by township party committees, and rewards and punishments according to the assessment results", the masses can enjoy full judgment power, and the results of mass satisfaction assessment can be used as an important basis for examining party organization work.

Democracy evaluation scene

"This year's road construction is one of the work contents of the" Three Decisions and One Commitment "at the beginning of the year. During the implementation process, we strictly convened the villagers' representatives to study related matters, and disclosed various expenses in strict accordance with the" three discussions and one supervision "mechanism. Supervision by the Supervisory Committee. " Zhang Yinghuai said particularly openly: "The width of road construction, the direction of Ruth, and the outdoor occupation of roads by various households, etc. I have said nothing, neither the members of the two committees have made a collective decision. Run in the sun. "

The changes in recent years have been a little unexpected. Today, the village of Pu Laoqiao has new houses, concrete roads, and street greening. There are drainage ditches, trash cans, public toilets, and three vehicles. The cleaning truck regularly cleans the whole village garbage. "Village activity centers built with an investment of more than 2 million yuan, covering an area of over 10,000 square meters, and filling pits. From the project's planning to planning, from construction to the improvement of supporting facilities, how much it cost to build it is clear and clear. "Zhang Liang is a member of the village supervisory committee. When talking about the construction of a beautiful village, I feel quite touched.

So many projects will definitely accumulate a lot of contradictory problems in the past, but now there are no problems; what the villagers want is cadres, and everyone in the cadres understands and has clear accounts. Today the village is beautiful and harmonious, and the villagers' happiness is greatly increased. Qin Jing, an organization member of Xindian Town, said: "All this is due to the good implementation of the" Sunshine Village Affairs "mechanism led by Secretary Zhang."

A glimpse of Bu Laoqiao culture

"Sunshine village affairs" is not only limited to village infrastructure construction, it has a broader and deeper connotation and runs through all village-level affairs such as party building and culture. More than 10,000 square meters of cultural wall, reading room, training room, management room, function room in the village, including Bu Lao Qiao Literature and Art Team, Bu Lao Qiao Village Love Association management and operation and maintenance, and even the time of party building and theme education The contents of the combination are also democratic resolutions and democratic implementation.

"It can be said that 'Sunshine Village Affairs' is my cheats and code of conduct, and 'democracy' is the magic weapon of my work." Zhang Yinghuai said.

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