Million people ice and snow party in hundreds of schools in Langfang City started

Release time: 2019-12-23 11:07:47 source: Hebei Communist Party News Hotline: 18731623137
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Hebei Communist Party member news (correspondent Zhao Shubing reporter Wu Changjun) According to the work arrangement of the first ice and snow sports organization committee of the province, on December 18, Hebei Province "100 counties and 100 people on the same day on the ice and snow" activity The “Million-People Ice and Snow Gala” event and the “2020 Ice and Snow Entering Campus Launch Ceremony for Primary and Middle School Students in Dachang Hui Autonomous County” were held at No. 2 Primary School, Dachang County, Langfang City. Li Long, deputy secretary of the Langfang Municipal Party Committee, and Zhang Chunyan, deputy mayor of the municipal government attended the event.

Wang Hongsheng, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Sports Bureau of Langfang City, said that this year, Langfang City will organize the first Ice and Snow Games, the "Ice and Snow Carnival", and "enter the campus, enter the government, and enter the community" around the goal of achieving the province's "30 million people on ice and snow" by 2022. The “Six-in-One Project” of “enterprise, family, rural, and enterprise” strongly promoted the development of ice and snow sports. The whole city has set off a wave of attention to snow, support and participation in snow and ice, creating a strong atmosphere of ice transportation, and fully stimulating the participation of people in the city The enthusiasm of ice and snow sports has cultivated the young people's interest in ice and snow sports, brought the ice and snow events to the masses, opened a door for young people to come in contact with ice and snow sports, and let everyone experience the joy of ice and snow sports together.

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