Liu Xin: The emotional "high wall" blooms silently

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Liu Xin, deputy director of the First Detention Center in Xingtai City
The Women's Supervision District of Xingtai No.1 Detention Center was awarded the title of "Jiangsu Civilization Post" by the All-China Women's Federation
Liu Xin came forward to inspect and guide the then Deputy Mayor and Director of Public Security Chen Shaojun, and the Municipal Women's Federation Chairman Chen Bing and other leaders introduced the situation in the women's prison area
Director Wang Lifang commented on the work of the supervision area
On August 1st Army Day, Liu Xin expressed his condolences to the armed police squadron on behalf of the detention center
Liu Xin assists poor detainees who perform well
Xin Liu and detainees conduct talk education and psychological counseling
Liu Xinhe contributed "Sound of the Heart" and received awards from detainees
Held cell wall cultural evaluation

Hebei Communist Party Network News (Reporter Bi Lifeng) On December 11th, the winter sun was shining in this strange, fearful and "mysterious" place. In the distance, a young policeman walked down the street with a police badge strewn. She took the initiative to greet: "Welcome to us to guide the exchange!" In front of her was Liu Xin, the deputy director of the First Detention Center in Xingtai City.

The 80-year-old Liu Xin would never have imagined that she has been struggling for 20 years in the cause of public security with police and law enforcement. During the 10 years of work in the detention center, tens of thousands of detainees have safely passed the lawsuit. The institution has been safe and stable for 22 consecutive years without accidents. During the 8 years in the women's prison, 9 female prisoners have been sentenced to death or reprieve. She was sentenced to life imprisonment, and nearly 2,000 women prisoners were sentenced to different life sentences without any accidents or liability.

Pursue the beginning of the heart, adhere to the final circle from the police dream

Liu Xin's father was a police officer who had served in the army for more than 40 years. She was stunned by her father's influence and wanted to wear police uniforms since she was a child. In 1999, Liu Xin wished to graduate from the police academy and became a criminal policeman full of pride in upholding justice and jealousy. The Interpol detachment has been working for 10 years, how many times rehearsal, research, and squatting; how many times are on call, overnight, and finally cracked the case, she has always felt that it is because of love for the common people, hate for the suspect, because of the police badge on the head Responsibility.

In 2009, the Municipal Public Security Bureau's Party Committee selected police officers to strengthen women's correctional power. She was transferred to the No. 1 Detention Center with the first place. The object of her work has become a suspect that she hated in the past. She had also been confused, and for some time did not know how to carry out her work. However, the original intention of the police reminded himself that no matter what kind of police, no matter what position, they must do a good job to be a qualified police officer! She plunged into a whole new job and continued to cultivate. Teaching to old teachers, learning from books, learning while doing, summing up while doing.

City No. 1 Detention Center is responsible for the detention of criminal suspects in four districts and one county of the city, including detainees, people with imprisonment of less than three months, and concentrated detention of female criminal suspects and some minor criminal suspects in the city. The average detention capacity is more than a thousand people, and the monthly detention capacity of women's prisons is up to more than 280 people.

"Changing a battlefield, facing several to hundreds of criminal suspects, this profession gives me the opportunity to reach more people who need help." In the process of adapting roles, in order to better work, Liu Xin He has taught more than a dozen discipline books such as "Management" and "Crime Psychology", and has obtained the qualification of National Psychological Counselor. For each person who released the police station, she did not want to say "goodbye" to them. She hoped that these people would remember to follow and get up and go the right way.

Liu Xin said that the duty here can not relax at all, it is time to stay, and it is to keep peace. Due to face-to-face contact with the suspect, hard work and danger coexist, and they are susceptible to hard attacks and soft corrosion, and must remain vigilant at all times.

"Female police officers are also mothers. The nature of their work makes it difficult for them to take care of their young children. Because they cannot take leave without a substitute police officer, they can only negotiate shifts by themselves. If a detainee is hospitalized, they have to go to the hospital on duty. It is commonplace to have no holidays. I am proud to supervise the police, especially the female police. "Talking about daily hard work, Liu Xin was still full of pride and confidence.

As I walked and talked, I saw paintings, poems, and other artistic works made by the detainees on the wall of the women's prison in the detention center, as well as the great changes in the detainees in each prison cell. The fragrant fragrance that emanates from the body is justice and spring breeze.

Practicing the original intention and casting loyalty

In the 10-year detention center work, Liu Xin did not forget why he served the police. Instead, he used small things and daily facts day after day to fulfill the original oath of the police. She has won many honors, both large and small, but she never mentioned them. She said: "This is all my job, and the matter belongs to this collective. It is the contribution of each police officer. Income. "

Liu Xin pointed at the party emblem in front of his chest and said, "I am a party member. First of all, I must be absolutely loyal, loyal to the party, and loyal to the people. At the same time, I must also take the lead and exemplary role. Row!"

In December 2011, female detainees in the city were concentrated in detention. Due to factors such as insufficient police force and insufficient funding at the time, the women's prison area was actually half a prison area, with a total of 6 prison cells. Only 5 police officers were responsible for the correctional work. Independently undertake other tasks such as patrol monitoring. Liu Xin took the lead on duty. He had to be on duty for 24 hours in three days. He worked in the prison all day. Because he was not allowed to bring a mobile phone during work hours, he was basically isolated from the outside world. How many nights were quiet and quiet, the young children at home cried to find his mother. I can't even make a phone call. I can't appreciate the taste in my heart. She was also distressed and cried, but she wiped her tears and continued to bite her teeth. She never talked about conditions and lowered the standard. This persistence was 8 years.

On New Year's Day, she always arranges for the comrades to reunite first, but she persists in her job. She has been on duty in the unit for 30 consecutive years. Especially since 2014, the number of female prisoners in custody has been increasing year by year, and there are many rural, old, weak and sick patients, and the management tasks are very heavy. She kept her key concerns in mind, talking during the day, and inspecting at night. She was unwell many times. She took medicines and injections and immediately returned to her job. Her son was sick and hospitalized several times. Comfort on the phone. Comrades mentioned her with admiration.

The work of the detention center has one radish and one pit. No matter you are sick or there is something at home, you can only change shifts, you can't take leave, and the night shift is not discussed. The difficulties can be imagined. Over the next few years, she developed a fortitude and a strong personality and an open-minded optimism, provoking work and family with thin shoulders.

In July 2015, the Women's Supervision District Brigade was established; in May 2016, the women's supervision area was separately set up and relocated; in November 2017, the female auxiliary police entered the supervision area to assist in the work ... Little changes, she said with relief: "I grew up with the women's prison."

Persevere in the original intention, take care of each other with strict mission

In work practice, Liu Xin slowly realized that the work of the detention center must be managed, taught, and even rescued. Make good use of this position and discover the conscience of the detainees. In order to affect these misplaced minds, Liu Xin used female's peculiar care and tenderness to enlighten her thoughts, care about her life, and use true feelings to affect the detainees. They changed their ideas, distinguished between right and wrong, and washed away their souls in a spring-like education.

On the fifteenth day of the first lunar month in 2014, 49-year-old Wen was detained at the First Detention Center for intentional killing. Depressed and desperate, she was desperate. In the one-and-a-half year period from the entrance of Wen to the death sentence of the first trial and the second trial to the approval of execution, Liu Xin led a team to set up three special management teams from daily living to three meals a day. From the laws and regulations to her parents' short, when she saw that she did not like to eat, she bought her some snacks and soy milk powder. For a while, she bought autumn clothes, trousers and underwear. The concern in life makes Wen's mood gradually stabilize. On the day of execution, Wen bowed deeply and said, "Your good, I can only report again in the afterlife, thank you!"

Chen, who entered the institute in October 2018, said excitedly at the Spring Festival party organized by the institute this year: "When I first came in, I was particularly stressed and worried about being discriminated against and corporal punishment. But as soon as I entered the school, the police police talked to me. , Understand the case, and encourage me to face the reality bravely. New Year, everyone is homesick, but you can see that Director Liu gave up the rest, and stayed with us day and night, and talked to you with my heart. Now I have a kind of return When she was a student, she felt like living in a collective dormitory.

"Everyone mentioned the word" relationship ", the answer in each person's heart is different. Intimacy, parent-child relationship, interpersonal relationship, symbiotic relationship ... but in our detention center, this is a sensitive word, relationship means special." Liu Xin "No matter what the relationship is, the five aspects of 'Ventilation reporting, piggybacking, private arrangement of meetings, reception of banquets and property, and abuse of authority' are the 'five high-voltage lines', and they are also consciously observed by all the police subordinates in our women's prison. Bottom line, never touch and cross. "

Liu Xin recalled that one year, a classmate's relative was sentenced to prison for fraud. During this period, the classmates found her and asked her to help pass on the information of the case, which was immediately rejected with stern words. For this reason, she also complained a lot. Over the past few years, from the director to the police, everyone in the institute has consciously resisted bribery and has maintained the fairness and dignity of the law with loyalty.

In order to enrich the culture of the prison area and alleviate the pressure on detainees, she actively organized and organized a series of activities: planning and guiding the Spring Festival Gala with the participation of police and detainees; launching traditional education and cultural activities at festivals such as Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival; and organizing the National Day singing competition Poetry recitations; Editing the monthly "Sound of Heart" to encourage detainees to read and write; use multimedia education systems to give lectures, popularize legal knowledge, learn traditional culture, and spread positive energy. Organize open days for police camps, education on integrity and law, etc., to make the supervision of the sun popular.

Indeed, on December 11th, the sun was very warm on this day. The time of the day passed instantly like a meteor. The exchange with Liu Xin was always unsatisfactory. She was always smiling with a smile on her head. The police badge on her head was in the setting sun. Shining and dazzling under the reflection of the sun. Inside the "high wall", this "scented rose" is fragrant and blooms silently.

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Liu Xin, female, Han nationality, member of the Communist Party of China, graduate degree, second-level police inspector. He joined the public security work in September 1999 and has been the Deputy Director of the First Detention Center of the Public Security Bureau of Xingtai since April 2009. The women's prison area of the institute has been successively rated as the "March 8" Red Flag Collective of the provincial and municipal level and Xingtai City "Youth Civilization" and "Scarring Model Pedestrian Post." She has successively been rated as the Outstanding People's Police and Outstanding Communist Party Member of Xingtai City, the "March 8" Red Banner Pacemaker, the most beautiful police officer in Xingtai, and the top ten model of the city's public security system. Won three individual third-class merits and four awards.

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