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Wang Hongsheng, secretary of the party group and director of the Langfang Sports Bureau, took a group photo with the party and national leaders as representatives of the "Double First" commendation event of the 13th National Games
Exterior view of Langfang Sports Bureau

The Langfang Sports Bureau is the functional department in charge of the city's sports work, and its business is guided by the Hebei Sports Bureau. The main responsibilities are to implement the sports development plans, policies and regulations formulated by the state, province, and city, to formulate the city's sports work development plan and related policies on behalf of the government, and to draft local management measures related to sports. Study the city's sports development strategy, coordinate regional sports development, be responsible for promoting the construction of a diversified sports service system, and promote sports public services and sports system reform. There are 7 functional sections within the bureau, with 27 staffing and 2 direct units under its jurisdiction. The party committee of the bureau (the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Organs) has 4 party branches and 60 party members. It is affiliated with the Sports Federation and has 34 sports associations.

Comprehensive function and facilities in Langfang City Stadium

Citizens participating in nationwide construction activities

Citizens rush to the park to exercise with fitness equipment

In the 70 years since the founding of New China, especially since the reform and opening up, the party team of the Municipal Sports Bureau has led the city's sports front to adhere to the sports-oriented city work orientation, and each work has created a new situation. In 2019, 2.7 million yuan will be invested to build 9 national fitness demonstration base projects. The city has organized more than 1,000 fitness activities at various levels and more than 300,000 participants. It has a national fitness week with events and activities every day. There are 141 sports organizations in the city, 32 municipal associations, 30 clubs, and 79 associations in counties and districts. With the city sports federation as the leader, a standardized and orderly national fitness organization network spreading throughout urban and rural areas is gradually improved. As of 2019, 27 major events in Langfang City have participated in the championships held in Hebei Province. They have won 38 gold medals, 37 silver medals, and 54 bronze medals in golf, karate, judo, swimming, kayaking, martial arts. , Bicycles and other projects still maintain a leading position. Except for Anci District, the remaining 10 counties (cities, districts) held the "County (City, District) Long Cup" football match, and 2,974 young football players participated in the match.

Some awards at all levels won by Langfang Sports

The Langfang City Sports Bureau was awarded the “Five-star Organ” by the Work Committee of the Municipal Government of Langfang. The Organization Department awarded “the city ’s advanced grass-roots party organization”, and was awarded the “Provincial Civilized Unit” by the Provincial Civilization Committee, and was awarded the title of “National Top 100 Sports Energetic Cities and National Excellent Sports Tourism Excellent Project Cities”; The "Advanced Work Award" won this honor for five consecutive years.

Created a brilliant work performance of "the public fitness service system is constantly improved, the mass sports activities are colorful; the competitive strength is continuously enhanced, the sports performance and spiritual civilization are both harvested; the sports economy is growing, and the sports industry has achieved healthy development"!

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