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Hebei Communist Party member network (correspondent Yu Hongliang, Cao Zhanfang, reporter Wu Changjun) household management work connects thousands of households. The population management team of Gu'an County Public Security Bureau in Langfang City continues to innovate to truly implement household management work and provide detailed information to the masses. More convenient, efficient, and considerate services, practice the change from management to service. The household administration window, this "bridge and bond" connecting the masses is broader and tougher.

Solve the problem of "black households" and do the most important thing for the masses

In January this year, under the guidance of the Population Management Brigade of the Public Security Bureau of Gu'an County, the Qugou Police Station implemented a Hukou for 65-year-old Li Auntie, so she finally received a pension.

In recent years, the public security organs have carried out special work to resolve the settlement of non-hukou personnel. The Gu'an County Public Security Bureau's Population Management Brigade has taken an active and proactive approach based on facts and policy standards, based on facts and policies. More than 500 non-hukou personnel of various types solved the Hukou problem and were all error-free.

Today, people with no hukou have solved their hukou, and they are no longer the "black households" in people's eyes. The child carried a schoolbag on his back and went to the beloved school. The missing person found his long-lost relatives. The mentally handicapped person has his own identity, and the needy family can then enjoy the state's welfare policy. Behind every solved hukou, there is an extraordinary story; each implemented hukou page is like a sun sowing to a family; every pennant thanked by the masses witnesses the hard work of the civic and civilian police, full of The responsibility and responsibility of the police.

Promote Sunshine Policing and focus on what people want most

With the deepening of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration, Gu'an has gradually become a target place for people to buy, work and live at home. Gu'an account can be said to be hot, but how can we settle in Gu'an? Some people do not understand the hukou relocation policy, and make a special trip to the household administration hall for consultation. Not to mention the cost of travel expenses, it has even delayed valuable time.

The public's concern is the work direction of the population management team. In order to allow the masses to fully understand the hukou policy, the population management team relies on the Internet to promptly announce the county's hukou policy, business application process, permit application guidelines, fee standards, and other media through government websites, government service networks, and the WeChat public platform. Convenient service measures and other related knowledge. The online "sun exposure" policy makes the household registration management more "sunshine". People in Tiannanhaibei can learn about the situation they want to handle without leaving the house. The questions in their minds have been lifted and the efficiency of the window has been improved. The Population Management Brigade also updates, responds, and answers difficult questions raised by netizens in a timely manner through the Sunshine Governance Public Platform, listens to opinions, adopts good and suggestions, and integrates online communication and offline work to make household administration work " Fresh "," live "," light ".

Streamline procedures and get rid of things that are difficult for the masses

It is the unremitting pursuit of the population management team to serve the people to the greatest extent. They consciously change their work style, persist in thinking in other places, take the initiative to do a good job of "delegating and controlling services," and have introduced nine measures to facilitate the people and streamline the people's procedures. Let the masses run less errands.

Proactively connect enterprises and set up enterprise business consultation windows. For enterprises that propose to handle collective households, talent introduction and settlement, etc., they will be notified at one time, complete formalities for immediate approval, reducing the approval process and time, and providing maximum convenience for attracting high-level talents to settle down. . The examination and approval process for relocating due to marriage registration was adjusted. If the conditions were met, on-site settlement was realized. All 14 police stations in the county have opened the permit handling, reporting, and claiming services for off-site permits in and out of the province, and opened temporary ID cards in different places in the province. The time for making temporary ID cards has been reduced from half a day to a few minutes. Resident ID cards implemented “autonomous shots”, “satisfactory shots”, ID card expiration reminders, etc., for the first time, they applied for the suspension of labor costs and opened a “green channel” for students to expedite their application for permits. At the same time, the household registration window implements low-level "open" office work, establishes and improves working systems such as first-responsibility, time-limited settlement, and service commitments, further strengthens team education management, and standardizes behaviors.

Innovate service methods, do the most convenient thing for the masses

A young man from Handan, working in Gu'an, accidentally lost his ID during a business trip. At more than 8 o’clock on the evening of July 9, he was in the ID card self-service hall on the west side of the gate of the Public Security Bureau of Gu'an County. In less than 5 minutes, he completed the procedures for taking photos and paying the ID card, and after 15 working days, he You can pick up your ID from here.

The Population Management Brigade of Gu'an County Public Security Bureau made full use of the advantages of “Internet +” and actively explored new forms of service to the masses. After preliminary inspection and commissioning, in January this year, it took the lead to build a self-service ID card hall in Langfang City, realizing residents for 24 hours Apply for and obtain identity documents. This system includes three self-service acceptance functions for ID card expiry, damage replacement, and lost replacement, realizing the "four zeros" of household registration management: the masses do not need to queue at the window for ID card business, and realize "zero waiting" "24 hours can apply for self-service permits to achieve" zero jet lag "; autonomously operate standard procedures to achieve" zero distance "; take photos by yourself and select satisfactory photos to achieve" zero defects ".

According to statistics, since the opening of the self-service system for resident identity cards, 2,248 "customers" have been received, and more than half of them have been conducted during non-working hours. The masses do feel convenient.

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