Police escorts warm heart Berlin thanks for sending pennants

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Recently, the three leaders of the Berlin Village School came to the Shigang Street Police Station and sent a banner with the title "Guardian of the Campus, the People's Good Police" to the police Feng Huichen, thanking the Shigang Street Police Station for escorting the Berlin Village School. Thanks to Police Officer Feng for his long-term contribution to the stability of public security in the campus and surrounding areas, which has greatly improved the school's personal defense, technical defense, and physical defense. As of the winter vacation, no school-related case has occurred, allowing the school to achieve zero incidents.

A pennant contains the school's recognition and affirmation of the police station and the police. Police Officer Feng is very excited and said that in the future work, he will continue to investigate and stabilize the campus and its surroundings, and conscientiously implement the spirit of "protecting the school park". To ensure the development of normal school education and teaching order and the safety of teachers and students. Berlin Village School will, as always, do a good job of communicating with the police station and escort the students hand in hand. (Correspondent: Nie Ruixian)

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