[Good deeds in Hebei] Hao Hongyin: Being needed is a kind of happiness

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Hao Hongyin cuts hair for the elderly in the nursing home. Photo by Chen Fenglai

In the early morning of March 4, Hao Hongyin, a pacesetter in Xuelei of Hebei Province, came to Fulintuo Old Home in Hengshui City as usual to give haircuts to the elderly. Haircutting the elderly here every month has become his habit of thunder.

"He Hao is here." Li Dongmei, the person in charge of the care home, welcomed him warmly. The courtyard was full of old people waiting for a haircut. All morning, Hao Hongyin had haircuts for more than 30 old people. "There is also an old man named Li Fengchang who was bedridden with cerebral hemorrhage and did not come for a haircut." Li Dongmei said. Hao Hongyin said nothing and came to the room where the old man lived. Because the old man was lying down and couldn't get up, Hao Hongyin kept kneeling to give the old man a haircut. This kneeling was more than half an hour.

"Being needed is a kind of happiness." Hao Hongyin, 53, said with a kind smile. Hao Hongyin is an employee of the People's Bank of China Hengshui Center Branch. During the 13 years of service in the army, he insisted on volunteering haircuts for officers and soldiers, and acquired good skills. After moving to a local place in 1995, Hao Hongyin joined Xue Leifeng's volunteer team. In practice, Hao Hongyin found that many elderly people were restricted by conditions and could not cut their hair for a long time. So he came up with an idea to come to the service and solve the problem of haircuts for the elderly.

He made the service targets of the Hengshui Glorious Home, Fulin Care Home, Fushou Care Home, and Yucai Community Care Home in the urban area and its surroundings. He volunteered to do haircuts for the elderly every weekend so that he could rotate every month. Over and over again. Since then, Hao Hongyin has tightened the clockwork into the state, and he sacrificed all weekend rest time, 22 years after doing it.

At first, her lover thought he was going to work overtime, and felt that something was wrong after a long time. Why was she overworked every time she worked overtime? She quietly followed Hao Hongyin and suddenly resolved her doubts. The kind lady didn't blame her husband and worked with him to help clean up and fight. His young daughter Hao Xiaomo also joined in. As long as he has time, the daughter will go to the old home with him. The daughter cuts the stubble and he cuts the stubble, which greatly saves time for haircuts.

In addition to haircuts, he also responds to many special services. One evening last winter, he suddenly received a call from a caregiver at the Fushoutuo elderly home, asking Hao Hongyin to cut and reshape a dying old man. Without any hesitation, he immediately brought his haircut tools and rode his bike to the Fushoutuo old home in the wind and snow, sending the hospice to the elderly.

There are countless things like this, Hao Hongyin said, he can't stop, old people can't live without him, and he can't live without these old people. He said that he was making fun of himself. He enjoyed this joy. As long as the old people needed it, he would be a volunteer to learn Lei Feng for a lifetime.

Hao Hongyin's 22 years of selfless dedication have returned a series of glorious honors. In recent years, he has been rated as one of the top ten moral models and top ten civilized citizens of Hengshui City. He has been awarded the title of Provincial Xue Lei Feng by the Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department and has also won the Public Moral Award of the People's Bank of China. (Hebei Daily reporter Chen Fenglai)

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