Five collectives in Langfang City were awarded the title of "Leading Model of Civilization Industry in Hebei Province"

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Recently, the Hebei Provincial Civilization Commission praised the province's civilized industry for establishing pacesetters. The Tax Service Office of the National Taxation Bureau of the Langfang Economic and Technological Development Zone, the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, the Greening Management Office of the Greening Administration of the Municipal Gardening Bureau, and the Special Police of the Xianghe County Public Security Bureau Five teams including the brigade and the city's Mingzhu Group Xing'an Supermarket “Niu Chunxu Cabinet Group” were awarded the title of “Leading Pioneer of Civilized Industry in Hebei Province”.

In recent years, the Civilization Office of Langfang City has closely focused on the work of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government Center, and regards the creation of civilized industries as an important starting point for cultivating and practicing the core values of socialism. It has vigorously carried out the creation activities with industry characteristics and professional characteristics, which has effectively promoted The improvement of the level of spiritual civilization construction in various industries has provided a strong guarantee for Langfang to accelerate the realization of the "four developments."

City and local tax system launches “one machine with dual screens and order number calling” feature service

Insist on the establishment of civilized industries as a powerful starting point for the implementation of the "popular project". The window industry, as a department that provides services for the daily production and life of the broad masses of the people, bears greater responsibility for facilitating the people, improving people's livelihood, and helping the poor. In daily work, the competent departments of various industries actively guide cadres and employees to create a civilized industry as their purpose, firmly establish the concept of serving the people, seriously solve the hot and difficult problems reflected by the masses, and take the creation of civilized industries as a powerful starting point for the implementation of popular projects. , Often unremitting. The National Taxation Bureau of Langfang Development Zone is guided by the "convenience for the taxation of private taxes", which has made the "taxpayers walk into taxpayers" big visits to achieve tangible results, and to provide civilized, efficient and quality service to taxpayers. The Greening Management Office of the Municipal Bureau of Gardening aims to create an ecological garden city, realize the upgrading of courtyards, diversification of green space landscapes, and refinement of maintenance management, and comprehensively improve the overall greening quality of the city. Since the formation of the patrol and special police brigade of the Xianghe County Public Security Bureau, more than 2,000 cases have been cracked, and more than 1,500 suspects of illegal crimes have been arrested. It has played an important role in maintaining public order and protecting people's property.

Shanghai State Tax System Opens Online Tax Office

Insist on creating a civilized industry, and constantly enrich the content of creation. With the theme of "creating a brand and building an image", and "four enhancements and four enhancements" as the main content, vigorously carry out the selection of civilized industries and windows of civilization, select civilized industries to set pacesetters, promote the strengthening of institutional construction in various industries, and enrich the content of creation , Standardize the service process and improve public satisfaction. Promote the "six ones" creation activity with "one list, one team, one church, one card, one table, one atmosphere" as the main content in 124 provincial civilized units across the city, and promote the universal establishment of "civilized units at all levels" "Merit and Merit List" to implement the record of merit records and "good person files" in the vast rural and urban communities. Various industries in the city have also carefully designed various theme creation activities according to their own characteristics, forming a good situation of up-and-down linkage and co-creation. The health system carried out the activities of creating “Top Ten Famous Departments, Top Ten Medical Doctors, Top Ten Nursing Cares”, the power supply system carried out “131” community acquaintance volunteer service activities, and the municipal and local tax system launched “one machine, two screens, ordering and calling” special services The Municipal Meteorological Observatory actively organized "moral lectures" and volunteer service activities. Using "3.23 Meteorological Day" and "Science Popularization Day", the Meteorological Observatory was opened to the outside world to explain the meteorological knowledge and common knowledge of disaster prevention and risk avoidance. [page]

The meteorological observatory is open to the public, explaining the meteorological knowledge and common knowledge of disaster prevention and evasion to the public

Taking brand building as an important way to deepen the connotation of the industry. The window industry is facing millions of people. It is important to establish a good service image, build a service brand with its own characteristics, enhance the creation of taste, and cultivate cultural heritage. Based on their own central work and industry characteristics, various industries have launched a number of industry brands with a certain social influence, taking the opportunity to carry out colorful theme activities. For many years, the “Niu Chunxu Cabinet Group” of Xing'an Supermarket of the Pearl Group has adhered to the service philosophy of “customers are friends and never say“ no ”to customers”, and returns every customer with full enthusiasm and superb service. The elderly delivered to the door and received more than 180 letters of praise from customers in the past three years, which became a brand window for spreading civilization. The City Taxi Management Office has established the core values of the industry: "Chong-Fang-Shang-Dong, Ming-Li Honesty, Dedication, Pragmatic Innovation", designed the "Golden Corridor · Landscape Scenery" cultural brand, and established a brand creation mechanism to sing " "Song of Langfang Taxi Driver" is a prelude to the development of industry-leading culture that promotes positive energy and establishes new fashion through various activities such as sports competitions and industry competitions. "Golden Corridor and Scenic Landscape" was rated as "Top Ten Service Brands of Hebei Province's Transportation System", and many media in the central, provincial and municipalities carried out propaganda reports.

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