Shijiazhuang No. 53 Middle School hosts the theme event of "Creating Civilized Campus"

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March 5 this year marks the 54th anniversary of Comrade Mao Zedong's inscription "Learn from Comrade Lei Feng." In order to further implement the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, we will take "building people" as the fundamental task, and promote the core values of socialism. To improve the students' ideological and moral level, all teachers and students of No.53 Middle School in Shijiazhuang City held a theme activity of "Learning Lei Feng · Xin Shanxing · Creating a Civilized Campus" on the school playground on March 2 and "China Internet Affairs · Moving "Hebei" characters walked into the 53 keynote speech. At the meeting, President He Chengyong sent a kind message to the students: To learn from Lei Feng, you don't have to do anything big and violent. You must start by doing small things around you, consciously do not throw peels and confetti, and can pick up garbage on the ground; Learn from Lei Feng's "nails" spirit, seize the time to learn skills, continuously improve your learning ability, and develop good study habits; learn from Lei Feng's selfless dedication, diligence and thrift, and love school like home. Start by saving electricity, a drop of water, a piece of paper I hope students will experience Lei Feng's spirit, improve moral quality, feel happiness from service dedication, and improve themselves in practical actions. Subsequently, the school leaders presented awards to the 2016 Lei Feng advanced collective representatives and individuals.

This event also had the honor to invite the Hebei character "Grandma Lei Feng" Jin Guofang and "City Ranger" love rescue team leader Yan Aiguo to share their long-lasting helping feelings and moving deeds with the students. At the end of the event, the classmates revisited the Oath of the 53rd Middle School Campus Civilization Convention, and representatives of each class signed the commitment to fulfill the commitments on the Campus Civilization Convention. (Yan Zhao Metropolis Daily reporter Lu Haibowen / picture)

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