· 许彦海:“只要是对老百姓好的事情,就要努力去做!” 2019/09/30 Xu Yanhai: "As long as it is good for the people, we must work hard to do it!"
· 罗全富:“老百姓的事永远放在第一位” 2019/09/30 Luo Quanfu: "People's affairs always come first"
· 李江辉:“我是农民的儿子,要让农民富裕起来” 2019/09/12 Li Jianghui: "I'm the farmer's son, I want to make the farmer rich"
· 陈震:运河边上画美景 2019/09/11 Chen Zhen: Painting beautiful scenery by the canal
· 武广昌:洺河滩上的“拓荒牛” 2019/09/06 Wu Guangchang: "Front Cattle" on Luohe Beach
· 高学亮:一片公心为村民昔日落后变先进 2019/08/19 Gao Xueliang : A public heart for the villagers to become advanced after sunset
· 2018年元氏县槐阳镇铁屯村被国家司法部、民政部授予“全国民主法治示范村”荣誉称号 2018/12/20 In 2018, Tietun Village, Huaiyang Town, Yuanshi County was awarded the honorary title of "National Model Village for Democracy and Rule of Law" by the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Civil Affairs
· 民警护学暖人心柏林致谢送锦旗 2018/02 / 09Civilian police warms people's hearts Berlin thanks for sending pennants
· 【善行河北】郝宏银:被人需要是一种幸福 2017/03/10 [Good deeds in Hebei] Hao Hongyin : Being needed is a kind of happiness
· 石家庄53中举办“创建文明校园”主题活动 2017/03/09 Shijiazhuang No. 53 High School held the theme event of "Creating Civilized Campus"
· 廊坊市5个集体荣获河北省文明行业创建标兵称号 2017/03/09 5 collectives in Langfang City were awarded the title of " Leading Model of Civilization Industry in Hebei Province"
· 廊坊市召开第六届道德模范评选表彰活动动员会 2017/03/09 Langfang City held the sixth ethics model selection and commendation mobilization meeting
· 河北井陉县公安局4名民警在一线获表彰奖励 2017/03 / 09Four policemen of Jingjing County Public Security Bureau of Hebei Province were commended
· 唐山市210个先进集体270名先进个人受表彰 2017/03 / 09Tangshan City 270 advanced individuals were awarded 270 advanced individuals

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