Xingtai Earthquake Museum

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Xingtai Earthquake Monument Square

Xingtai Earthquake Museum

The Xingtai Earthquake Monument and the Xingtai Earthquake Data Exhibition Hall were approved by the People's Government of Hebei Province and started construction on September 12, 1986 in Longyao County, covering an area of 7,770 square meters and a construction area of 2,640 square meters. On March 8, 1987, the State Council, the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the National Seismological Bureau, the Hebei Provincial Government, the Hebei Provincial Seismological Bureau, and the Xingtai District Office held a grand inauguration ceremony at the Xingtai Earthquake Monument Square, which has since been opened to the public. In March 2006, in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Xingtai earthquake, the China Earthquake Administration, the Hebei Provincial Earthquake Administration, the Xingtai Municipal Government and the Longyao County Government jointly invested in the reconstruction and were under the management of the Longyao County Earthquake Administration. There is one curator, one interpreter, and two administrators. The funding comes from the county financial appropriation and superior subsidy funds.

The building area of the Xingtai Seismological Data Exhibition Hall is 440 square meters, and the building form is a five-docking structure, divided into a central hall, an east-west side hall, and an east-west ear hall. The name of the museum is "Xingtai Earthquake Data Exhibition Hall", and it is titled by Comrade Fang Yi, Vice Premier of the State Council and Director of the National Science and Technology Commission. In the center of the central hall is a full-length bronze statue of Premier Zhou Enlai, who spoke at the Baijiazhai condolences meeting to the victims. , The statue is 2.06 meters high, marking a remodeling in 2006; the statue base is 1.04 meters high, and the base and statue are 3.10 meters high, marking a visit to Baijiazhai on March 10; the background of the statue of Premier Zhou emerged in the extreme earthquake zone Longyao Oriental Food City, the world's largest instant noodle production base; on the east side of the hall is a song entitled `` The Heaven and the Earth Are Less Than the Party's Kindness '' by the masses spontaneously chanted by the people in the earthquake-stricken area and composed by the famous composer Li Jiefu; on the west side of the hall is Famous painter Zhou Sicong's "People and Prime Minister" Chinese painting; 56 lights at the top of the hall surround four concentric circles, implying that 56 ethnic groups are closely united around the party, and they are united with one heart and strong and unyielding. Any difficulties and enemies underground will certainly realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Set up the "Xingtai Earthquake Data Display Exhibition" in the East and West Halls. The exhibition is mainly based on large-scale original photos, supplemented by text descriptions, graphics and related film and television materials. The main contents are: Xingtai Distress, Kind Care, Earthquake Relief, Reconstruction Six parts of the homestead, earthquake research, and Xing Xiang's great changes; the exhibits include: the sofa on which Premier Zhou listened to the report on the evening of March 9; the disaster relief wooden box on March 10 when he addressed the victims, and the coarse porcelain for drinking water Large bowl and some simple instruments for seismic observation. Centrally reproduced the disaster of the first devastating earthquake since the founding of New China in Xingtai in March 1966. Founding Prime Minister Zhou Enlai, Deputy Prime Minister Li Xiannian, Head of the Central Condolences, Zeng Shan, and other public servants who care about the people and their children The military, civilians, and people in different situations have difficulty in one side, and the socialist nations support the great unity spirit of the eight parties; the combination of specialized groups, the combination of soil and oceans, and multiple explorations; the actual scene of earthquake prediction with Chinese characteristics rising from here. At the same time, it showed that in the 40 years since the earthquake, the people of Xingtai have carried forward the great anti-seismic spirit and worked hard. The earthquake-stricken area in the past has undergone tremendous changes, and a brand new Xingtai is taking off.

In front of the Xingtai Seismological Data Exhibition Hall, stands the Xingtai Earthquake Monument. The monument is a reinforced concrete structure. It is hung on the Taishan red granite stone surface. It is 19.66 meters high, marking that the Xingtai Earthquake occurred in 1966. The monument platform is 1.5 meters high and the area is 1200 square meters, decorated with white marble guardrail. The front steps of the platform are divided into two steps, the first step is the third step, and the second step is the eighth step. The implication is that the large earthquake occurred on March 8. The side symbolizes the strong will of the people in the quake zone: "people will win the sky, and Taishan will not bend down". The front of the monument is engraved with the seven large gold characters of the "Xingtai Earthquake Monument" titled by the Chinese President Li Xiannian, and the back is engraved with the large gold characters of the self-reliance, hard work, development, production, and reconstruction of the homeland. The front of the stele is engraved with inscriptions, and three white marble jade carvings are engraved on both sides and on the back, which are "Mandaran", "Rescue" and "Reconstruction".

Opened to the society for 20 years, it has received 1.2 million people from all walks of life and leaders from all walks of life at home and abroad who came to admire, visit, learn and guide the work. On March 25, 1996, Premier Li Peng wrote an inscription for the Xingtai Earthquake Museum: To protect the safety of the people. " On June 18, 2006, Vice President Zeng Qinghong visited the Xingtai Earthquake Data Exhibition Hall to inspect and inspect, gave kind entrustment and encouragement, and signed his signature. The Xingtai Earthquake Monument and the Xingtai Earthquake Data Exhibition Hall have not only become important windows for foreign activities, but also have a great influence in the country. "And" National Education Base for Popularization of Earthquake Disaster Reduction ".

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