Baiyangdian Yanjing Team Memorial Hall

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The Yanjing team memorial hall located in the Pearl of North China and Baiyangdian, a 5A tourist scenic spot in China, was recently named the third batch of provincial patriotism bases by the Hebei Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government.

On the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, in order to better play the role of patriotism education base, promote the in-depth development of mass patriotism education activities, stimulate the patriotic enthusiasm of the majority of cadres and people in Hebei, promote and cultivate the national spirit, and guide the people of the province To strengthen confidence and gather strength, and to work hard to achieve scientific development and enrich the people and strengthen the province, the Hebei Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government decided to name the third batch of 27 patriotic education bases in Hebei Province. Among them, Baoding Baiyangdian Yanjing Team Memorial Hall is on the list.

The Yanjing Team Memorial Hall is located in the Baiyangdian Cultural Garden Scenic Spot in the center of Baiyangdian. The building area is 2566 square meters. The name of the museum was written by the founding general Lv Zhengcao who was leading the battlefield in Jizhong battlefield at the age of 99. It is divided into a prelude hall, the outbreak of the comprehensive anti-Japanese war and the establishment of the Jizhong Anti-Japanese Base, the atrocities of the Japanese invaders in Baiyangdian, the Yanjing team fighting with the waters, the fortification of the fortress tower, the punishment of traitors for the people, and the victory of the anti-Japanese war 18 halls with distinctive themes, inheriting the revolutionary tradition and carrying forward the Yan Yan spirit. Through a large number of detailed, rich and precious historical photos, diagrams, documents, handed down real objects, image sculptures, etc., and the use of modern art methods such as electro-optic sound, three-dimensional animation, three-dimensional imaging, and large-screen projection, vividly reproduced the famous Chinese and foreign Baiyangdian Lake. Yan Yan team, vivid, heroic, stubborn, and nimble to deal with the vivid scenes of the Japanese invaders and the glorious battle process, to enjoy the new highlights of the old flame journey. With "Red" (Yanying Team Memorial Hall) as the main body, with other resources, it becomes red and blue (sky blue water clear blue waves), red and green (world famous lotus garden, lotus lake and other natural ecology), red and ancient (Kangxi Water The organic combination of Weixing Palace, Pei En Temple), red and vulgar (custom folk customs of Gazi Village), complementary advantages, forming a comprehensive and high-quality model, with superimposed characteristics, complement each other, and emit more than a single red tourist attraction. Greater appeal.

Due to the construction of the Baiyangdian Yanjing Team Memorial Hall, the exhibits are abundant, and the audience is enthusiastic, it has been rated as one of the top ten red tourist attractions in China in the evaluation activities carried out by the China Red Net, the Central Party Propaganda Department of the Party Building, and the Red Flag Publishing House. Baiyangdian Culture Yuan Dabing, Chairman of the Garden, was named one of China's Top Ten Red Travelers.

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