Hebei Provincial Environmental Protection Department helps the people in Jishangsai Village of Neiqiu County to get rid of poverty and get rich

2017-01-11 16:24:09 Source: Hebei Communist Party News Hotline: 0311-87801880
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Since February of this year, the Provincial Environmental Protection Department has seriously implemented the precise decision-making plan for poverty alleviation by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, and dispatched three comrades Cao Peifeng, Xie Wenyong, and Zhang Zhaoxing to Jishangsai Village in Neiqiu County in time. After working in the village, the working group consciously regarded poverty alleviation as the first livelihood project, the first work pursuit, and the first responsibility. Based on the sincerity of the people and loyal officers, they actively interviewed and helped the people. They achieved remarkable results and won In response to popular opinion, media such as People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Hebei Provincial Radio Station, and Xingtai Daily carried out multiple reports.

In the past 10 months in the village, a total of 8.495 million yuan for various types of poverty alleviation assistance funds have been sought, including 405,000 yuan from the provincial Environmental Protection Agency, 5.205 million yuan from the working group coordination fund, and 60,000 yuan from the community. Implement three industrial poverty alleviation projects: Neiqiu Ruixiang Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., which raises nearly 3 million yuan to produce 3,000 meat sheep per year, will drive a total of 119 households, including 28 poor households, to cooperate in the development of meat sheep breeding projects; Organize 18,600 poor households to invest in 162,000 shares of Xingtai Lvxin Breeding Co., Ltd. pig project; plant more than 30,000 high-quality walnut seedlings, and build more than 1,200 mu of thin-skinned walnut garden project. Implement 4 agricultural infrastructure projects: strive for funding of 1.6 million yuan to build small watershed management projects such as drip irrigation, catchment wells and roads on the south slope of the village;

Raised more than 500,000 yuan, 2 new transformers were used for the construction of the power plant construction project on the east slope of Qiaogou; raised 600,000 yuan, and 3.2 kilometers of roads were newly built on the east slope of Qiaogou; the provincial water conservancy project was sought to support the construction of new drought-resistant wells in the south of the village A glance. Implement 3 village infrastructure projects: complete cement hardening projects in the village's small streets and alleys, carry out comprehensive improvement of the rural environment, and solve tap water projects for the people. Village beautification, greening and lighting projects. Three heating projects for poor households were implemented, roof repairs for poor households, renovation and reinforcement projects for dilapidated houses, donation activities, and subsidy activities for poor people. Through assistance, the annual income of 72 people in 28 poor households in the village has exceeded 3,300 yuan, reaching the provincial standard for poverty alleviation.

Finding the truth • Finding the crux

Clear numbers and clear circumstances are the prerequisites and foundations for doing all the work well. This is especially true for the targeted poverty alleviation work. Especially for the three comrades of the working group who have been engaged in environmental protection professional work for a long time, it is very important to be familiar with the situation as soon as possible, and to integrate the actual situation of Shangshang Village to help find the entry point for poverty alleviation. "When entering the village, they are the villagers, and when they come down, they are the farmers." This is a true portrayal of the working group after entering the village. Focusing on the situation of the village and the people as soon as possible, they gradually investigated and visited from the "noodle-group-point" step by step.

Knowing a "face", the working group went into the ground during the day to see the status of farmland, crop growth, and annual income. In a month, they walked to the east, west, and south slopes of the village and traveled nearly 10,000 acres. land. A preliminary understanding of the village's geographical topographical conditions and farmers' production and living conditions: Jishangsai Village is located in a hilly and shallow mountain area about 30 kilometers west of Neiqiu County. It has 247 villagers with 980 people, 1,300 acres of arable land and 8,000 acres of barren mountains. The land is mainly planted with traditional corn, and the village is severely short of water. The people ’s drinking water also comes from the shallow surface water dripping from rocks in the mountains. Because the soil on the mountain is mostly rock collapse, coupled with water shortage, the natural production conditions are poor. There is no industry. The income is very low.

Visiting five “groups” of people. First, they visited county and township cadres to listen to development suggestions. Second, they visited functional departments to understand assistance policies. Third, they visited rich leaders to look at poverty alleviation routines. Fourth, they visited village party members and poor households to check the “poor roots.” Fifth, visits to advanced and typical foreign countries visited the "magic recipe" for poverty alleviation. In order to get the truth, the working group's comrades insisted on visits and "night talks" and must talk to every poor household. The working group's resident has become the most lively place in the village. Since entering the village, he has never watched TV. In the program, the masses exchange ideas and reflect their demands almost every night. The sheep breeding project of Ruixiang Agricultural Development Company in the village was determined by the comrades of the working group and villagers Li Qingshen, Liu Gangxiao, Li Jianjun, etc. in six consecutive "night talks" in April. taste.

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